How the Safety Clip was born?

My beloved 1 year old son, Brandon and I were returning home, after a fantastic day out. Brandon was sitting in the back of the car in his car seat, as we drove happily driving along the motorway. 

Upon checking my rear view mirror I saw a cheeky faced Brandon hanging on to the back of the car seat grinning proudly at me! A wave of panic swept over me, my precious boy was not safely strapped in his car seat at all and at the very first safe opportunity I pulled over and put Brandon back in his car seat.

Like most children Brandon is naturally curious and inquisitive, a natural form of development, this led him to press the red button and release himself unaided from the security of car seat. Once Brandon had the knowledge of the red button and ‘freedom’ he continued to do this making car journeys yet another area where I was constantly checking on his safety. Unable to find security features to prevent this, I realised that this would undoubtedly happen to other unsuspecting parent drivers and I set about designing a child proof answer to the problem and the Safety Clip was born.