Product Details

The Bottle Bib was designed to help​ parents ​in need with disabilities, twins, triplets &​ more​.​  

Advantages of Bottle Bib

-    2 in 1 Baby Bib &Bottle holder

-    Removable Bottle attachment

-    Adjustable lever to increase / decrease level of bottle position

-    Adjustable height for correct mouth position

-    Adjustable strap for any size Baby Bottle

-    Secures Bottle to prevent movement

-    Lightweight

-    Wipe clean easy

-    Durable

-    BPA Free

-    Front and back bib to secure to baby 

-    Velcro Straps to adjust to size of baby 

-    Usable indoors and outdoors 

-    Recommended for babies of 4 months and over

WARNING! Never leave your baby unattended whilst feeding, to be supervised at all times.

-  This demonstrates a prototype Bottle Bib being used.  -